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Kerala Pictures

The name “Kerala” comes from two words: “Kera” + “Alam”. (“Kera” means coconut (tree) and “Alam” means land or location). The State of Kerala was formed by the amalgamation of three regions: the Kingdom of Thiruvithamcoore (Travancore), the Kingdom of Kochi (Cochin), and the Province of Malabar. A must see tourist spot in Kerala is Kumarakom.

Thiruvithaamcoore and Kochi, former princely states, were merged to form Thiru-Kochi on July 1, 1949. Malabar was merged with Thiru-Kochi to form the State of Kerala on November 1, 1956, based on the recommendations of the State Reorganisation Commission set up by the Government of India.

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Bekal – Kasargod
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Ponmudi – Trivandrum
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Veli lake – Trivandrum
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