Beautiful And Creative Fountains Around The World- I

Beautiful And Creative Fountains Around The World- I [ Fwd: Sharon Rajkumar]

Beautiful And Creative Fountains Around The World….

Please Amaze yourself by go through with all the fountain photographs below which are linked and lead to the source photographers. Also do not forget to explore further works of these talented photographers.

01. Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas, Nevada

fountain 1

02. Archibald Fountain, Sydney

fountain 2

03. Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City, Singapore

fountain 3

04. Disney’s Fountain of Nations, Epcot

fountain 4

05. People’s Friendship Fountain, Moscow

fountain 5

06. Peterhof Fountains, St. Petersburg, Russia

fountain 6

07. Merlion Front, Singapore

fountain 7

08. Tap fountain, Santa Galdana, Menorca

fountain 8

09. Trevi Fountain | Rome, Italy

fountain 9

10. Magic Fountain, Montjuic, Barcelona

fountain 10

11. Horace Dodge Fountain, Downtown Detroit, Michigan

fountain 11

12. Vaillancourt Fountain, Armand Vaillancourt

fountain 12

13. Swarovski Fountain, Austria

fountain 13

14. Buckingham Fountain, Chicago

fountain 14

15. Gardens of Versailles, Versailles, France

fountain 15

16. Chatsworth House & fountains

fountain 16

17. Volcano Fountain, Abu Dhabi

fountain 17

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