Animal Eyes (Quiz)

Animal Eyes (Quiz) [Fwd: Sharon Rajkumar]

Animal Eyes (Quiz)

Can you identify the animal by looking at it’s eyes? The first line is somewhat easy. Later if gets difficult. The answers are at the bottom of this e mail. Try first.




















animal eyes











Top row: 1 Bengal tiger. 2 Asian elephant. 3 Zebra. 4 Chimpanzee. 5 Flamingo.

Second row: 1 Domestic cat. 2 Hairless sphynx cat. 3 Grey wolf. 4 Booted eagle. 5 Iguana.

Third row: 1 Macaw. 2 Jaguar. 3 Rabbit. 4 Cheetah 5 Horse.

Fourth row: 1 Lioness. 2 Bearded dragon (a type of lizard). 3 Leaf-tailed gecko. 4 Macaroni penguin. 5 Alligator.

Fifth row: 1 Great horned owl. 2 Mountain lion. 3 Boa constrictor. 4 Pufferfish. 5 African crested crane.

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