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Amazing Events In Pictures

The faces of Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting and vice-captain Michael Clarke are projected onto the Big Ben clock tower at the Palace of Westminster in London to publicise the upcoming Ashes cricket series in Australia

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This is the shocking moment a crocodile grabbed the trunk of a baby elephant, hoping to get lunch. The scene was captured by amateur photographer Johan Opperman while taking pictures of a family of African elephants grazing by a water hole in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Hearing the baby’s distress calls, the herd of elephants immediately came to its rescue, scaring the croc off

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A villager stands in front of Mount Merapi, near a motorcycle covered by ash at Kaliadem village. One of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes spewed out clouds of ash and jets of searing gas in an eruption that has killed at least 25 people and injured 14. More than 11,000 villagers living on the slopes of the Mount Merapi volcano are being evacuated after the alert status for an eruption was raised to the highest level

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A cheeky owl almost stole the show on a couple’s wedding day. The bird popped up in one of the official photographer’s snaps and became a favourite picture in the wedding album. Libby Higgins and Jim Pearn were having their wedding photos taken at the John J Audubon Centre bird sanctuary in Pennsylvania when the injured owl, named Sam Adams, popped up. Libby, 26, explains: ‘He was hit by a car right near the Audubon Society and the bones under his eye were severed so badly that his tear ducts no longer work. They need to give him artificial tears. Poor little guy. We loved the little fellow and were only too happy to have our picture taken with him – even if he turned out to be the star.’ Sam Adams was being shown around accompanied by a handler after the wedding ceremony when the photo op occurred

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Suren Manvelyan, a physics teacher from Yerevan, Armenia, has captured macro images showing the human eye in all its glorious detail

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A mushroom farmer from Gongcheng in southern China’s Guangxi Province is celebrating after harvesting a bumper crop of giant mushrooms. According to Rong Guiling she has more than 10 fields of white mushrooms of all different species. However, what the fields all have in common is that fact the mushrooms have all grown uncommonly large. Guiling says: ‘It’s hard to find a mushroom which is less than 2kg (4.4 lbs). However, when I bought the seeds the person said they were for normal little white mushrooms.’ Local agricultural experts say the mushrooms’ size could possibly be down to the fertilizer she uses, which includes lotus seed shell powder, peanut powder and maize powder

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A fleet of ultrafast taxis hit London to celebrate the launch of Virgin Medias 100Mb broadband, the fastest broadband service in the UK. The public is invited to speed up their travel today by hailing one for free if they spot an available supercar

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Trainee teacher by day and firestarter by night – Tom Barnett, 26, from Hampshire plays with fire by swinging lit wire wool around his head, creating sparks

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At the flick of a switch the Roller Buggy turns from a regular pram into a scooter capable of reaching speeds of up to 10mph. It is the brainchild of award-winning inventor, Valentin Vodev,from Vienna, Austria, to provide an alternative to the car

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Inventor Barbara Wilomat presents her safety tray at the iENA invention trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany

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A student presents luminiscent clothing at the iENA invention trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany

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