Creative gizmos -II

Creative gizmos -II [Fwd: Saravanan]

Creative gizmos !!

The bed in the room.

creative gizmoes 16

The surface is covered with a special compound circles, and changing the background image to the temperature. It is worth it to pour hot coffee or tea, and mugs design change. Great gift for anyone!

creative gizmoes 17

Unusual card birthday baby

creative gizmoes 18

Chocolate with the number of calories on the tiles.

creative gizmoes 19


Slingshot to play Angry Birds

creative gizmoes 20

Ink Calendar Oscar Diazasa. With the passing of days the ink in it slowly spread through the vessels in the form of numbers.

creative gizmoes 21

Pillow “logs”

creative gizmoes 22

Hiding in the bathroom.

creative gizmoes 23

Camping Car.

creative gizmoes 24

Social curtain. Without your favorite social network anywhere!

creative gizmoes 25

Original container for nuts or seeds.

creative gizmoes 26


For those who are tired of answering the question: What happened? “

creative gizmoes 27


For fans of retro.

creative gizmoes 28


Cookbook, which is necessary before reading bake This book was created by Croatian book publishers. In order to prepare a dish recipe from her, first bake book, only in this case, it shows the text pages.

creative gizmoes 29


Folding chairs.

creative gizmoes 30


Lip gloss.

creative gizmoes 31


Convertible table. Perfect solution for small apartments.

creative gizmoes 32


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