Creative Bow Ties Collection

Creative Bow Ties Collection [Fwd: Sharon Rajkumar]


Creative Bow Ties Collection

New York-based artist Nicholas Tee Ruiz has revamped the classic bow tie to help its wearers tap into their inner professor. In his Bow Tie Collection’s which he created while working for The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Ruiz used everyday materials, such as film, LEGOs, guitar picks, pills and corks, to create wearable art in the form of bow ties.


bow ties 1

Book Bow Tie. Bind some pages in the center with a piece of leather or fabric. An amazing work.
bow ties 3

Write or draw on this cool chalkboard bow tie, whatever you want.

bow ties 4

This awesome bow tie is made from lightweight wire. It’s covered in a resistant red mantle and fastens with a red round elastic band.
bow ties 5

Another examples of artist Ruiz’s work.

bow ties 6

Fantastic wooden bow tie made from natural wood.

bow ties 8

This bow tie is kind of interesting and weird. It features a tanned skin cane toad with an elastic band and a button closure.
bow ties 9

Superman bow tie.

bow ties 10

The latest and greatest in bow tie design for those who love to gamble and look positively dapper while doing so. The Andre 3000. Each Bow Tie is individually assembled by hand, so each customer will have their own unique piece.

bow ties 11


Bow tie noodles you can wear! Japanese design studio Microworks created acrylic clip-on bow ties shaped like the bow tie noodles we all know and love.
bow ties 13

$100 dollar bill bow tie.

bow ties 14

This bow tie has real pieces of wheat made to form the tie shape.
bow ties 15

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