Tomorrow Is Going To Be Better!

Tomorrow Is Going To Be Better! [Fwd: Saravanan]

Tomorrow Is Going To Be Better!

Please do not stand too close to the trees! You will not be able to enjoy the forest…

A few years before hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, a new expensive automobile stopped at the top of the Mississippi River Bridge and a gentleman stepped out of the car wearing very expensive clothing.


He climbed over the rail and under the bridge onto a platform below the roadway preparing to jump. Cars started stopping and the traffic backed up for miles. The police arrived with the fire department, ministers and mental health professionals.


They began talking to the man and telling him not to jump. They told him that he may not die; he may break all of his bones and be paralyzed for life. About half mile back in traffic was an old truck with lawn mowers, rakes, and shovels. An elderly gardener got out of his truck and walked up to where the crowd was gathered.


He made his way through the people, looked over the side and hollered down to the man on the ledge, “Hey, I got to go to work. Either jump or get off the bridge. If you decide not to jump, tomorrow is going to be better!”


With that the man climbed up onto the bridge. The police handcuffed him and placed him in the back seat of the police car. The gardener walked back to his truck waiting for the traffic to move.


The minister asked the fireman, “Who was that?” The fireman said, “He said he has to go to work!”


The police reported to the press that all the way to the hospital the man kept saying over and over, “Tomorrow is going to be better.”


One must see a future, to have a future.


“It is not what you do not know that will hurt you the most. It is what you think you know, however it just ain’t so!” — Mark Twain


With best intentions to serve with humility,

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