The Cute Cats Story

The Cute Cats Story [Fwd: Sharon Rajkumar]


The Cute Cats Story


2 cats decide to marry..
two cats 1

Have sweet marrige life
two cats 2

Got the first baby
two cats 3

And the second
two cats 4

First step for their babies
two cats 5

Father worked hard for his family needs
two cats 6

And the mum gets to play and has a boyfriend
two cats 7

The childrens grow up without care and became bad boys
two cats 8

One of them became terrorist
two cats 9

The other stay in night clubs
two cats 10

The small one dicided to kill himself
two cats 11

Dad heard that ,he got heart attack
two cats 12

Mum lost her mind and became crazy
two cats 13

two cats 14

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