11 Stunning Wonders of the World Ice – GELEIRAS

11 Stunning Wonders of the World Ice – GELEIRAS [Fwd: Sharon Rajkumar]

11 Stunning Wonders of the World Ice – GELEIRAS

In polar and other cold regions there is so beautiful, unusual and you may say, a unique education from ice, snow and water, that the mere sight of them is breathtaking. Most of these wonders of nature can visit the only scientists and adventurers of the few that did not stop the significant physical and financial costs. Because of its instability and the specific locations of these formations can be seen only at certain times of the year.

01. Blue River, Greenland

world ice geleiras 1

This river is a haven for Greenland kayaking. Petermann glacier meltwater (Petermann) fill the low-lying regions of the stunning blue water.

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The river changes its shape every season, depending on changes in the flow of melt water. The bright blue color of the river due to glacial silt.

02. Glacial waterfalls on Spitsbergen (Svalbard), Norway

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Title Svalbard (also known as Svalbard), Norwegian translates as “cold coast”. Svalbard is an archipelago in the Arctic, in the North of Norway and Europe. It is located about 650 kilometers north of mainland Europe, midway between mainland Norway and the North Pole. Despite its close proximity to the North Pole, Spitsbergen is relatively warm, thanks to the warming effect the Gulf Stream, which makes it suitable for habitation. Generally, Svalbard is the northernmost populated region on the planet.

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Svalbard Islands occupy a total area of ??62,050 square kilometers, about 60% of which is covered by a glacier, the edges of which go deep into the sea. Giant glacier Brosvelbrin (Bråsvellbreen), located on the second largest island in the archipelago, called the North-East Land (Nordaustlandet), extends for 200 kilometers. With 15-20-meter-high ice edge of the glacier waterfalls fall hundreds of meltwater. These waterfalls can be seen only in the warmer months.

03. Crystal Cave, Iceland

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This cave in the glacier ice formed as a result of glacial mill, or floss. This phenomenon occurs when rain and melt water from the glacier surface is formed in the streams, and flows into a glacier through its cracks. Waterfall makes a hole in the ice, and collected water flows to lower heights, forming long ice caves with access, formed at the edge of the glacier.

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Fine-grained and wind-borne sediments give dingy color once frozen streams of melt water, while the top of the cave has a dark blue color. Due to the fast movement of the glacier on bumpy terrain is about 1 meter per day, this ice cave cracked at the end, forming a deep vertical slit. This allows non-directional sunlight get into the cave from both sides, providing an ice tunnel steady.

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The cave can be accessed from the coast, at 7 meter hole. The tunnel is gradually narrowed, and finally its height is no more than 1.2 meters. Ice caves in general are unstable and could collapse at any moment. They are safe to visit only in the winter when cold temperatures severely frozen ice. The cave is constantly heard a cracking sound. They heard not because the cave is about to come crashing down, but because the cave moves with the glacier itself. Each time the glacier moved a millimeter – heard loud noises.

04. Glacier Briksdalsbreen (Briksdalsbreen), Norway

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Briksdalsbreen glacier is one of the most accessible and most famous glacier slopes Yustedalsbreen (Jostedalsbreen). It is located in Norway and is part of the National Park Yustedalsbreen. Briksdalsbreen ends small glacial lake Briksdal (Briksdalsbrevatnet), which is located at 346 meters above sea level.

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Tourists from all over the world come to see the beautiful glacier Briksdalsbreen so majestically set among waterfalls and high peaks.

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Donning the appropriate equipment, and carefully fulfilling all recommendations instructors, visitors can take part in a completely safe, but incredibly exciting journey through thousands of years of ice mass.

5. Ice Canyon (Birthday Canyon), Greenland

world ice geleiras 5

Ice depth canyon formed by melt water is 45 meters. This photo was taken in 2008. Line on its walls, located on the edge of the canyon, shows the stratigraphic layers of ice and snow, which were postponed for many years.

world ice geleiras 5 1

Leuinter Adam (Adam LeWinter) stands on the edge of the Ice Canyon, on a ledge, called “Moab» (Moab). Black deposits in the bottom of the channel is the cosmic dust – fine dust to be applied by the wind, which settles and accumulates in the snow on glaciers or ice caps.

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