Moreton Island – The Island Of Sunken Ships

Moreton Island – The Island Of Sunken Ships [Fwd: Sharon Rajkumar]


Moreton Island – The Island Of Sunken Ships

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Moreton Island ? Australia – A large sandy island, 36 km. Length and area of 17,500 hectares, 35 km. From Brisbane. The island forms the eastern boundary of Moreton Bay Marine Park to the south-east Queensland. 98% of the island covers the National Park Moreton Islands National Park, which protects its unique vegetation, wildlife, freshwater lakes and springs and its magnificent coastal dunes.
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The water in the bay of the island abound with a variety of marine animals, such as humpback whales, giant turtles and dolphins, which are a favorite subject of surveillance by the tourists.
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On Moreton Island are three of the town: Bulwer, employee base for leisure travelers who arrive on the island and in need of food. Is there a small wine shop, taxi service, phone, and store tools in the north end of town. The towns of Cowan Cowan and Kooringal known for its traditional Gutter bar and oyster farm Toulkerrie. There is also a private resort on the island of Tangalooma.
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The object of the local cultural heritage are unearthed by archaeologists primitive people, which is a testament to stay on the island natives, at least for a thousand years. Moreton Island – a place where it is always very nice to take camping, diving, snorkeling or just relaxing. Most people come to the island by ferry. Ferries for vehicles and passengers walk daily. Travel by ferry from Stradbroke Island to the town of Kooringal, lasting 20 minutes, can cost $ 20. The road from Whyte to Tangalooma Island is worth $ 45. The island has no roads, so the only means of transportation on the island – an SUV.
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Exactly what kind of sunken ships I could not figure out. Only 15 ships sunk – the latter were flooded in 1982 – thirty years ago. During this time, the ships thoroughly overgrown with corals, algae and barnacles. Just can not say the specific purpose of flooding. Reefs did what? Not too small a place?
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Near the sunken ships are found thousands of fish can be tens of thousands. Some of them are quite tame. Feeding the fish – an interesting diversion. You can feed them bread. The water is boiling, just as many fish around. They’re like piranhas Burke with a slice of bread in just a second. Do not even need a mask to consider them – the water is crystal clear, and they are right on the surface, almost jumping out of the water.
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On algae, which are covered with ships – many grazing fish, some very large and thick.
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Moreton – the third largest sand island in the world, is one of Australia’s national parks. The only way to travel to the island – a jeep, the island has no roads. Departure from Brisbane on the ferry. Through the eucalyptus forest and the ocean to the desert where you should definitely try out sandboarding and riding on a sled with a sandy hill. After – swimming in a quiet bay of the ocean where there are almost no waves and dolphins can be seen. Walk to the old lighthouse and the northern part of the island, where the most beautiful view, and from May to October you can see whales, turtles and dolphins. On the island hobnob many interesting birds – sea eagles, pelicans. Before leaving – Blue Lagoon, a freshwater lake in the center of the island where the water is very warm, and where you can swim with delight in the water or play Frisbee.
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