20 of the World’s Fascinating Micro nations – II

20 of the World’s Fascinating Micro nations – II [Fwd: Sharon Rajkumar]


20 of the World’s Fascinating Micro nations! 

10. Principality of Wy

micronations_11Based in the Sydney, Australia harbourside suburb of Mosman, the micronation was created by Paul Ashton Delprat in 2004 as a protest against the city council’s refusal to let him build a driveway. Known as “Prince Paul of Wy”, he is currently the unofficial ruler of the principality, as well as successful artist.

9. Whangamomona

A small township in the rural Manawatu-Wanganui Region in New Zealand, it was first settled in 1895. However, in 1989, the regional council redrew the borders, and as an act of protest, the Republic of Whangamomona was declared. From 1999-2001, their president was a goat and from 2003-2004, a poodle.

8. Free Republic of Wendland

A camp set up in Gorleben, Germany in May 1980 to protest the establishment of a nuclear waste dump there. Only one month later, the German police came in and evicted the almost 5000 residents of the camp.

7. Waveland

Previously known as Rockall, this disputed island is located in the Atlantic Ocean. In 1997, the organization of environmental activists called Greenpeace occupied the uninhabited island and renamed it Waveland in order to protest against oil exploration in the area.

6. Kingdom of Wallachia

Founded in 1997 by the Czech photographer Tomas Harabis as an “elaborate practical joke”, it has since become one of the Czech Republic’s biggest tourist attractions. Since the foundation of the Kingdom, more than 80,000 Czech citizens have acquired Wallachian Passports. The kingdom even has its own currency called the Jurovalsar, and was pegged to the euro rate at 1:1.

5. North Dumpling Island

The island of North Dumpling is privately owned by Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway Human Transporter. Kamen has established a constitution, a flag, currency, a national anthem as well as a navy for the small island of which he is the only resident. Oh, and he refers to himself as Lord Dumpling.

4. Republic of Morac-Songhrati-Meads

micronations_17One of the first documented micronations, this Republic was founded by British Naval Captain James Meads in the 1870s when he was exploring the South China Sea. Based on the Spartly Islands, the Republic even saw separatist movements in its own territory, and has struggled against a number of countries for legitimacy, even suing the U.S. for $25 billion for “unfair competition, harassment, [and] sabotage”.

3. Kingdom of Lovely

The first online micronation, it was founded by Danny Wallace as part of a comedy series on the BBC called “How to Start Your Own Country”. The Kingdom’s website has been shut down by the BCC, and only a number of forums and chats maintain the legacy of the Kingdom of Lovely.

2. Kugelmugel

A former micronation in Vienna, Austria, Kugelmugel was founded in 1984 by artist Edwin Lipburger after he was denied a permit to build a ball-shaped house in the Austrian countryside. Lipburger did build the house, but, was moved, along with the micronation of Kugelmugel, to a park in Vienna where the house was enclosed with barbed-wire fencing. Lipburger refused to pay taxes to the Austrian government and even began to print his own stamps, receiving a prison sentence that was later pardoned by the Austrian president.

1. Celestia

Also known as the Nation of Celestial Space, this micronation was created by Illinois resident James Thomas Mangan in 1949 when he informed the U.S., the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations, that, Celestia banned all atmospheric nuclear testing. As its name suggests, the micronation is located entirely in outer space, and was claimed in the name of humanity, according to Mangan, to ensure that no one country would establish political hegemony there.


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