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In years to come this small kingfisher will no doubt talk wistfully of the “one that got away”. For despite its best efforts the greedy bird was unable to snatch the large fish that was lying enticingly in a net….

animals_in_news_13…quickly realising the futility of the action the disgruntled bird eventually had give up on the easy meal. Instead it dived down to snatch its own fishy snack from the water – one that was easier to carry

Young tigers try to capture a chicken at Jiufeng Forest Zoo in Wuhan, Hubei province, China?

A black leopard is pictured at the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve in Johannesburg, South Africa. The old adage that a leopard can never change its spots is not always true. Black leopards of Africa and Asia are commonly confused with the pumas of South America. Both have dark, or melanistic fur but they retain faintly visible spots.

Walker, a 23 month old polar bear who arrived from Holland’s Rhenen Zoo two weeks ago, experiences snow for the first time in Kingussie, Scotland

Baby panda Fu Hu is weighed at Vienna’s Schoenbrunn Zoo. The name, meaning Happy Tiger, was chosen via an online vote in which more than 25,000 people took part

A Bukhara deer stands in the fresh snow at the Highland Wildlife Park near Aviemore in Scotland

A female nursery web spider in Turkey deftly carries her huge egg sac under her body as she desperately searches for a safe place to hide it

British Army diver, Lance Corporal Billy Pym, inspects the pool at the penguin enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo

A gorilla goes toe-to-toe with his bigger brother in a quest to become the dominant male. In one corner, weighing in at more than 400 pounds, is Chip (right), a 14-year-old dominant silver back ruling the roost. In the other corner: 12-year-old Pende – a wannabe looking to take the crown of heavyweight champion of Detroit Zoo. They sparred in front of onlookers at the zoo, with Pende emerging as the surprise winner.

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