Wheres that 1 rupee? (Fwd by Shraddha)

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solve this riddle

HI….try to solve it out!!!!!

Where is that one Rupee ???
try this riddle

Three friends went to a hotel.
The bill was Rs 75/-
Each one contributed Rs.25/-.
The waiter took the bill to the Cashier.
The cashier was happy & decided
To give them a discount of Rs.5/- & asked the waiter to return them Rs.5/-.
Now the waiter was confused.
How to distribute Rs 5 among 3 persons?
He kept Rs 2 in his pocket & Gave one rupee to each one of the 3 persons.
So initially each one had contributed Rs.25. Now as they are given 1 rupee back, their contribution reduces to Rs 24.
They all contributed Rs 24 —
That is 24×3=72 & 2 rupees are in the waiters pocket.
The total becomes 74. But they
Had paid Rs 75.
Where is the remaining 1 rupee?????????



11 Replies to “Wheres that 1 rupee? (Fwd by Shraddha)”

  1. Patilharshal98 says:

    i am sure its with the casier bcauz if he had given 6 rs then it would be 3 with the waiter

  2. raghav says:

    all three have paid 72
    70 – cashier
    2 – waiter

    and remaining three are still with them
    so they have paid 24+24+24=72


  3. bala says:

    All spend each 25
    Then they got Rs. 1 each
    So, each spend 24
    Totally they spend 72
    Bill is 70
    Waiter 2….. That’s all

  4. Hari says:

    Amount after discount:70
    each share:70/3 = 23.334
    Given to waiter:2
    Each person share:2/3= 0.667
    Till now Individuals contributed:23.334 + 0.667= 24
    Each person taken back from waiter:1
    Each person contributed 24+1=25

  5. rahul gautam says:

    u r jst luking to d on side of d question ….
    if he returns 3 rupess then dat wud mean each of em has paid 24 rupees
    n that wud account for 72 rupees
    n 2 rupees wid waiter
    question still lies whrs dat 1 rupee?????

  6. ajy says:

    Nice one, but ans is

    75-5=70 (discount of Rs.5/-)

    70+3=73 (one rupee to each one of the 3 persons.)

    73+ 2 rupees are in the waiters pocket=75

  7. sirish says:

    u fool 0.333333multiplied by 3 is equal to 1.so here is 1 rupee take it!

  8. Mercy says:

    OK let me ask u another Question….
    start counting ur finger assending.. and then desending order….
    u will find one extra finger left out….

    ur question is also the same………

    heheheheheheheh :)

  9. jaduks says:

    Nice one,


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