BMW LO Rider Bike

BMW LO Rider Bike [Fwd: Sharon Rajkumar]

Adding the wow-factor to a BMW concept is not all that easy. However going by this LO Rider Bike concept, which was introduced at the EICMA Show in Milan, looks like the designers put in the extra effort to dish out this gorgeous bike.

A hot hunk cruising on this beauty is something that fantasies are made of! The design features boxer engine, twin wavy disc brakes, two projector-style headlamps, and single-sided swingarm. Putting the technicalities aside.
bmw lo rider bike 1

bmw lo rider bike 2


bmw lo rider bike 3


bmw lo rider bike 4


bmw lo rider bike 5


bmw lo rider bike 6


bmw lo rider bike 7


bmw lo rider bike 8


bmw lo rider bike 9


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