Unbelievable inventions of past

Unbelievable inventions of past [Fwd: Sharon Rajkumar]


Rare fotochek you found.

Invention, a unique and unrepeatable.

The test of time have not been, and because of them little known.

Nanotechnology CENTURY!

old inventions 1

Bicycle tires used as spastelnye vests (Germany, 1925)

old inventions 2

Single-wheel motorcycle (1931)
The maximum speed of 150 km / h

old inventions 3

Floating bike

old inventions 4

All Terrain Vehicle (England, 1936)
Was able to go down the slope to 65 degrees.

old inventions 5

Radio stroller (U.S., 1921)

old inventions 6

Radio Hat (USA, 1931)
Portable radio in a straw hat.

old inventions 7

Bulletproof Glass (New York, 1931)

old inventions 8

A long convoy (France, 1934)

old inventions 9

Piano to paralyze (England, 1935)

old inventions 10

Points for reading in bed (England, 1936)

old inventions 11

Electrically heated jacket (U.S., 1932)

old inventions 12

A car with a shovel for pedestrians (Paris, 1924)

old inventions 13

Early GPS (1932)

old inventions 15

Foldable Bridge (Netherlands, 1926)

old inventions 16

Newspapers sent by fax (1938)

old inventions 17

Protecting the face from blizzards (Canada, 1939)

old inventions 18

The stroller is resistant to gas attacks (England, Heksteybl, 1938)

old inventions 19

The camera-gun (New York, 1938)

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