1. This website is just a collection of forwarded emails, received from anyone and everyone.
  2. This website is for education / fun only. No offenses please.
  3. If you think any post in it offends you, kindly send an email to info-at-forwardedemails-dot-com as we assure you to investigate it.
  4. Take it as fun, and e.n.j.o.y.
  5. All Logo’s and Trademarks are trademarks of respective companies.
  6. All pictures are copyright of the respective persons / companies.

3 Replies to “Disclaimer”

  1. nikki says:

    wow is it so!

  2. Aruna says:

    i love to share good mails everyday.

  3. on piano says:

    Megacool Blog indeed!… if anyone else has anything it would be much appreciated. Great website Enjoy!…

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